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CD-3 microdermabrasion Machine (CE, ISO13485 since1994)

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Marque Déposée:RaceMBE
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  • Race MBE
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  • Guangdong China
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Détails de Produit

Info de Base

N° de Modèle:CD-3
Type: Système de Laminage de Derme

Info Supplémentaire

Marque Déposée:RaceMBE
Emballage:Free Fumigation Wooden Box Packing
Standard:SGS ISO13485, CE
Code SH:8354709990
Capacité de Production:500 Sets Per Month

Description de Produit

CD-3 2012 HOT SALES touch screen microdermabrasion machine (CE, ISO13485 since1994)

CD-3 Microdermabrasion Skin Rejuvenation System use Epithelial Tissue regeneration principle, spray ceramic particle into skin deeply with high speed, stimulate collagen and fibrous tissue to a quick update, instantly evaporate or damage skin cells. After removing scars, aging skin, it will grow the new skin. Since it is the physical skin technology, it is absolutely not harm the skin. In Europe, America, and Japan, microdermabrasion is the most popular way to brighten skin.

1. The boost that is produced by massage stimulates the skins regeneration function and accelerates collagen hyperplasia; Increase the thickness of dermis.
2. During treatment, the negative pressure airflow can stimulate blood circulation of the skin and enhance metabolism at the same time.
3. The crystal powder is sprayed on the face with strong adsorbability can absorb aged skin layer which produced by massaging, and then flowed into empty container by the tube, its special massage effect can make your skin smoother, brighter.
4. During treatment, it can help stimulate lympha circulation of the skin and enhance metabolism at the same time.
5. When the dead skin cell layer is removed, it improves absorptive function of skin and improves the penetration of active ingredients. Overall the skin is smoother, tighter and has a tender appearance.

1. 240 × 128 color LCD screen as a display, using the touch screen as an instrument input, and the use of Chinese / English language menu options to meet the needs of different operators.
2. The instrument has four kinds of functional IC card, which is convenient for the users to manage the time and frequency.
3. Latest high-tech physical therapy, safe painless, no side effects.
4. Specially designed motor and muffler noise reduction system can balance equipment noise, smooth working condition.
5. Particular designed motor and the "tube in tube" operator, can effectively prevent microcrystalline powder blocking the pipe and discomfort when the guests has powder on their faces.
6. The microcrystalline powder, which is harmless and will not occur chemical reaction, can safely and effectively smooth skin.
7. Instruments boiling stir microcrystalline powder in the reservoir sand by slightly positive pressure, not only prevent the microcrystalline powder agglomerate, but also ensure the uniform sand.
8 Transparent flexible replacement gas nozzle is convenient and health for the customers.

Adopting principles of exfoliation by spraying crystal powders onto the skin at high speed with the high-pressure airtight airflow. Thousands of miniature crystal powders impact on the skin to eliminate ageing horniness and blocking in the pore, whiten and tender skin. The boost that is produced by CD-1 stimulates collagen hyperplasia regeneration, build elastic fibers, stimulating the growing layer to absorb oxygen, improving blood circulation and recover elasticity.
Crystal power: It is made from crude white diamonds, which are grinded and sterilized to become the hurt-less powder for skin and eyes. It's used for its pliability and is only 1 micron thick, also its absorbability is strong.

[Technical Specification]
Human Interface 5.0" touch screen
IC Card management
(frequency card, time card, experience card and super card)
Sales model: Purchase or rent
Rated input Power 180W
Rated input Voltage AC230V± 10%, 50Hz± 1Hz /AC110V± 10%, 60Hz± 1Hz (optional)
Net Weight 13Kg
Physical Dimensions 52cm(D)× 42cm(W)× 28cm(H)
Formation Way of Negative Pressure Oil-free pump
Negative Pressure -90~0 KPa
Way of Filtration Multiple Filters
Negative Pressure Adjustment Touch screen
Negative Pressure Instruction LCD digital display
Operation Handle " tube in tube" of crystal dermabrasion handle
Package Wooden case

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