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Machine de la Bio-Lumière PDT de PDT

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Conditions Commerciales:EXW
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Période de Validité du Prix:9/6/2012 ~ 9/10/2012
Profil de Fournisseur
  • Race MBE
  • Audited Supplier
  • Guangdong China
  • Type de Commerce: Fabricant et Société Commerciale
  • Principaux Produits: Équipement de Beauté, l'équipement Médical, Matériel d'Oxygénothérapie, Équipements Pdt, ...
  • Service OEM/ODM: Oui 

Détails de Produit

Info de Base

N° de Modèle:PDTbio-light
Type: Appareil à Vapeur pour Soin du Visage
Demande: Salon
Portable: Non

Info Supplémentaire

Marque Déposée:RACE
Emballage:Wooden or Carton Case
Origine:Guangdong China(Mianland)
Code SH:8543709990
Capacité de Production:200set/Set Per Month

Description de Produit

1. Brief Introduction
The PDTbio-light is adopted three newest techniques of Photodynamic Therapy and negative pressure vacuum roll ball Therapy and Bio-Light Therapy. It can active cells and be treated from inside to outside of the skin. It can deal with many skin problems and make skin to be more ruddy and tender.
2. Functions
1. PDT mask
Based on photo dynamic theory, PDT can treat inflamed acne, repair aging and sun burn skin, without any hurt and uncomfortable sense. When high purity, high power density light of red, blue, green and yellow sent out by treatment system irradiate on face or body, adopt continuous or pulsed light to change cell structure.
Red PDT:
It adopts (640+10)nm ESLD, increasing collagen and speed up the growth of cells in muscle and skin as five times than usually after red light spectrum, special thicken and reset the structure of derma, speeds up the healing process and form spring, exquisite and healthy skin.
Green PDT:
It adopts (525+10)nm ESLD, with the function of whiten and reducing spot by osmosis to the basal layer of the skin.
Blue PDT:
It adopts (470+10)nm ESLD, active the producing porphyrin in acne, produce toxic singlet oxygen, form a high toxicity conditions for one pathogen to result in acne, leading the pathogen death, then clean the acne, and treat this skin.
2. Negative pressure vacuum roll ball therapy
To gentle transport lymph by using the roll ball on the probe and standard pressure output by appliance, giving deep massage for face and body's connective tissue and lymph system, strengthening functions of tissue, promoting blood circulation, removing extra liquid and toxin, meantime improving skin, smoothing skin, promoting spring to achieve tighten and reducing wrinkle, fine contour and figure.
3. Bio-Light Therapy
Bio-Light technology is the newest cool light treatment on beauty. It is used the high technology ESLD seven cool lights coordinate with RACE BIO micro-current technique to active cell and increase cell's repairing ability, and reach the effects of repairing aged skin, recovering spring, reduce pigment. It is fit for all skin, especially for sub-health people and senile and sensitive skin.
3. Effect
1. Improving collagen activity, removing wrinkle, tighten pore and skin.
2. Reducing stain, aging spots, improving uneven pigment, whiten skin.
3. Treating acne, balance the oil secreting.
4. Removing the extra toxin in body, tighten facial outline, skin, and increasing spring for the body skin.
5. Deep stimulating hypodermic and adipose layer, break up fat and reducing fat volume.
6. Slimming, improving striae gravidarum, increasing circulation and metabolism.
7. Dredging the channel, relaxing and improving immunological competence.
8. Increasing collagen and speed up the growth of cells in muscle and skin as five times than usually after red light spectrum, special thicken and reset the structure of derma, speeds up the healing process and form spring, exquisite and healthy skin.
4. Features
1. Convenient operation with 320*240 LCD screen, touch screen and keystroke, easy to use for system.
2. PDT with red, green, blue and yellow four colors light source, big treatment area, short treatment time and good effect. It can fit for any kinds of clients.
3. Three operation systems, you can do treatment for three clients at the same time or do treatment on different parts for one client.
4. Safe, painless, non-invasive, no calorific sensation, non-risk of burning, easy to use through the pre-set program.
5. Easy to operate negative pressure vacuum roll ball, adjustable pressure, the effect is much steadier.
6. Stable and continuous work for more than 24 hours, no any other special consumable materials, can extend to many kinds of aesthetics projects and have strong utility function.

Types of light source ESLD(Extra Super Luminous Diodes)
Color Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Cyan, Fresh Green, white
Main wavelength Red 640± 10nm
Green 525± 10nm
Blue 470± 10nm
Output mode Continuous light or pulsed light
Max energy
25mw/cm 2
Treatment dimension 38 cm 2
EMS Waveform Amplitude modulation, Width-modulated, frequency modulation, low frequency impulse
Impulse frequency 1Hz ~150Hz
Impulse width 100µ s  ~ 500µ s
Pulse polarity Bipolarity
Max output pulse amplitude 60V
Output amplitude adjust Knob
Output electrode Eight groups stretch acusector
Operative Interface 320 × 240 LCD  + Touch screen

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