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Dermabrasion Machine d'Use Diamond de salon avec des lumières froides

Prix Unitaire: US $ 1100.0- 1400.0 / Jeu Obtenir le Dernier Prix
Commande Minimum:1 Jeu
Conditions Commerciales:FOB, CIF, EXW
Conditions de Paiement:LC, T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Negotiable
Période de Validité du Prix:11/10/2015 ~ 12/31/2015
Profil de Fournisseur
  • Race MBE
  • Audited Supplier
  • Guangdong   China
  • Type de Commerce: Fabricant et Société Commerciale
  • Principaux Produits: Équipement de Beauté, l'équipement Médical, Matériel d'Oxygénothérapie, Équipements Pdt, ...
  • Service OEM/ODM: Oui 

Détails de Produit

Info de Base

N° de Modèle:CD-2
Demande: Salon
Portable: Non

Info Supplémentaire

Marque Déposée:RACE
Emballage:Free Fumigation Wooden Box Packing
Standard:CE, ISO13485
Origine:Guangdong, China
Code SH:8354709990
Capacité de Production:500 Sets Per Month

Description de Produit

Salon Use Diamond Dermabrasion Machine With Cold Lights

Functions of Diamond Dermabrasion Machine
1. Remove the aging cuticle, clear pores of dirt, fade whelk and acne scars;
2. Removing extra toxin, improving dark skin, removing edema.
3. Improve blood and lymph circulation, promote metabolism, so that make the dermis layer absorb adequate nutrition.
4. It can increase collagen fiber, reduce fine lines, enhance skin elasticity and moisture.
5. Reducing pigment of tattoo, wrinkle of fat and striae of pregnancy.
6. It can increase the absorptive capacity of the skin, make products more effective into deep skin, and promote proliferation of collagen fibers, reduce wrinkle\and improve the skin of dark heavy, rough, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and spot.

Introduction of CD-2
CD-2 is a high-tech machine offering ESLD Light therapy and Diamond peeling therapy in the same time. Diamond peeling helps stimulate new cell growth in the dermabrasion treatments, ESLD Light therapy boosts this process even further, especially when done immediately after the dermabrasion treatments, The perfect combination of Diamond peeling and Light therapy can improved various skin problems fundamentally.

CD-2 makes use of the different fineness of the miniature diamond grain to come into being the returning friction in the skin surface, and use the vacuum pump to control attraction intensity, to make part skin rejuvenation for the problem of lymphatic drainage, ageing skin, pigment precipitate and big pore, to remove horniness of the skin in the most gentle and quick way. It not only can speed renewing horniness, timely provide cells appropriate light energy, active cells, accelerate cells own repair ability, tender skin, desalt pigment, but also increase the ability of absorbing nourishment. And make the skin delicate, smooth, and glossy.

Light diamond peeling handle:
The special nine diamond-heads, three for the different type of face skin, two for eyes and four for body and big parts.

Light diamond handle combine two technologies output simultaneously, they are seven colors light and diamond peeling, ESLD light can be adjusted according to the client.

1. CD-2 adopts 240× 128 LCD display, touch screen, and using Chinese/English language menu.
2. There are four types of IC card functions can be choose, such as treatment frequency and times.
3. The special nine diamond-heads, three for face, two for eyes and four of them are for body and big parts.
4. There are seven colors light output with the diamond peeling treatment, can repair skin, and achieve double-effect.
5. Light diamond handle combine two technology output simultaneously. No consumables, humanization design, and it is convenient for the operator to use.
6. It is easy to operate and without any side effect, and gain the effect of making the skin soft as silk, nature and safe.
7. The Output of Light diamond handle with enhanced filter, which can avoid dirt and grime block pipe, and prolong the machine's using life.


Voltage220VAC± 15% or 110VAC± 15%
Power Consumption≤ 75W
Rated current0.72± 0.03A
Formation way of negative pressureOil-free pump
Pressure of Output-90-0Kpa
Way of FiltrationMultiple Filters
Vacuum instructionLCD digital display
Vacuum adjustTouch screen
Type of Light source(Extra Super Luminous Diodes)
ESLD Output wavelength
Yellow 590± 10nm
Green 525± 10nm
Blue 470± 10nm

Output way
Continuous light or pulsed light
Dimension44CM(L)× 32CM(W)× 25CM(H)
Net weight6.3KG

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