Zhengzhou Flworld Chemical Co., Ltd.

Fabricant / fournisseur de Cryolithe Synthétique, Paillettes de Soude Caustique, Sulfite de Sodium Anhydre en Chine.

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Glacial Acetic Acid

Description de Produit

Description de Produit

Alias Name: Glacial Acetic Acid Molecular Formula: C2H4O2
Property: Clear and colorless liquid, with a pungent odor, miscible with water, ethanol, glycerin and aether but not with carbon bisulfide. Specific gravity: 1.04928; Melting point: 16.665± 0.002oC; Boiling point: 117.9oC; Viscosity: 1.22 centipois ( 20oC); Flash point: 43oC(closed cup); Refractive index: 1.3715; Burning point: 465oC. Frozen into ice at a temperature of less than 16oC.
Applications: As one of most important organic raw materials, it is mainly used in such products as Vinyl acetate, diketene, acetate ester, acetate, acetate fiber and chloroactic acid etc. It is an important raw material for synthesized fiber, gooey, medicines, pesticides and dyes, and also a good organic solvent. It is widely applied in such industries as of plastics, rubbers and printing etc.
The packing capacity of the plastic barrel is 25kg plastic barrel.

Zhengzhou Flworld Chemical Co., Ltd.
Henan , China
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Type de Commerce : Fabricant/usine, Compagnie de Commerce

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