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Courroie de yoga de courroie de yoga de coton de densité de tissu

Commande Minimum: 500 Pièces
Période de Validité du Prix: 1/16/2012 ~ 1/16/2013

Description de Produit

Info de Base
  • Matériel : Coton 100%
  • Couleur : Couleur Pure
  • Âge : Adulte
  • Sexe : Femmes
Description de Produit

Product nameYoga strap yoga belt
MaterialPolyester cotton
Size183*3.8cm or customized size
Color10 regular colors and patterns, or any customized colors and patter
UsageBeginners auxiliary exercise(mainly for the legs and waist force )
Advantage1. Brand new and high quality with competitive price
2. Mainly for yoga lovers for fitness with strong tenacity
3. Anti-slip light design, touches comfortable and well-proportioned.  
FeaturesYoga strap/yoga belt can improve range of motion and flexibility.Stretching and moving beyond your usual limits with this belt and help you to expand your range and achieve more challenging yoga positions. Pieces for beginners to general yoga movements are not familiar with or cannot reach the action function, if add some auxiliary tools, as well as yoga teacher's guidance, can be more handy! Mixer in practice when camber or leg stretch around the waist, can be used as a foot or rely on the strength of waist.

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