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190mm Electric Backward Curved Ec Centrifugal Fan

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Commande Minimum:100 Pièces
Conditions Commerciales:FOB, EXW
Conditions de Paiement:LC, T/T, PayPal
Période de Validité du Prix:3/3/2016 ~ 6/3/2016
Profil de Fournisseur
  • PBM Motor and Fan (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • Audited Supplier
  • Jiangsu   China
  • Type de Commerce: Fabricant
  • Principaux Produits: Ventilateurs EC, Ventilateurs Centrifuges Ec, Souffleurs Ec, Ventilateurs Axiaux Ec, ...
  • Service OEM/ODM: Non

Détails de Produit

Info de Base

N° de Modèle:PB3N190B2EM
Matériel: Plastique
Type: Ventilateur centrifuge
Electrique Type actuel: C.A.
Montage: Ventilateur de Mur
Certificat: RoHS , CE

Info Supplémentaire

Marque Déposée:PBM
Standard:72-T motor, 190mm impeller
Code SH:8414593000
Capacité de Production:50, 000PCS/Year

Description de Produit

190mm Electric Backward Curved Ec Centrifugal Fan
PBM Motor and Fan is a China mainland manufacturer and EC technology consulting company offering an extensive range of EC (Electronically Commutated) motors, fans and solutions, investing in the latest developing, manufacturing and technical equipment with in - depth processes&procedures. Our main products are EC fans, including EC axial fans, EC centrifugal fans, EC duct fan and EC blowers. We do both AC and DC current type. And EC Motor is the core technology of our products.

Eletronically Commutated Motors (EC Motors) also known as Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) are synchronous electric motors powered by direct - current (DC) electricity and having electronic commutation systems, rather than mechanical commutators and brushes. The current - to - torque and voltage - to - speed relationships of BLDC motors are linear.
PBM fans are widely used in many fields. For example, axial fan for telecom, backward curved centrifugal fan for air exchanger, (inline duct fan) hydroponic products and FFU, forward curved centrifugal fan for air purifier and air conditioning, blower for kitchen.

Model Motor TypeBearing
Rated PowerRated
Air FlowAir
PB3N190B2EMBE72AC - TBALL23050/600.81100357079568672


1.How about the delivery time?

Within 25 days after we receive the order.

2.What kind of payments do you support?

T/T&L/C, other types please contact us.
3.What ' s the MOQ?

Generally speaking, the MOQ is 100 pieces. Different products have different MOQ. Please contact us.


All available shipping ways could be applied, by courier, air or sea. Appointed shipping company or our own forwarders all could be used in shipment. Full - way tracking the cargos for you before the goods arrive. 

5.Global Market

Depending on advanced technology and knight service, we establish a good and diligent team and keep nice business relationship with a large amount of worthy clients in global market. We are prepared to provide the best EC Centrifugal Fan to clients at competitive price. In addition to control of cost and quality, our stipulated lead - time, variety of designs, capability of product development and flexibility of service bring convenience and value added services to the clients.

6.Contact Us

We highly appreciate your any enquiry by email, fax or instant message. We will reply your email or fax within 12 hours. Please fell free to call us at any time if there is any questions.

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