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Ice Scraper Mold (WY20090223-9)

Description de Produit

Info de Base
  • N° de Modèle: WY20090223-9
Info Supplémentaire.
  • Production Capacity: 30 sets/ month
Description de Produit

1. Part name: Ice scraper mold
2. Cavities: 2CAV
3. Steel of mold core: 2344 HRC 55
4. Mold standard: Hasco
5. Mold life: 500, 000 shot
6. Customer: VEROPA
7. Part Material: ABS
8. Mold base: LKM
9. Delivery Time: 25T1
We have a big factor with numbers of injection molding machines and can produce large quantities of different plastic parts, moreover we serve the assembling of the parts.

Weiyu Plastic Mould Product Factory
Guangdong , China
Compte Enregistré en : 2009
Type de Commerce : Fabricant/usine, Compagnie de Commerce

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