Beijing Shijizhengfang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Fabricant / fournisseur de Ipl, Cryolipolysis, Laser Lipo en Chine.

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Luxe cheveux multifonctionnel de l'acné (SMGH Tattoo dépose de la machine)

Commande Minimum: 1 Pièce
Conditions de Paiement: T/T, Western Union, PayPal, Paiement de Petit Montant
Capacité de Production: 600 Sets/Month
Emballage: Aluminum Alloy Case / Carton / Wooden Case

Description de Produit

Info de Base
  • N° de Modèle: SMGH
  • Demande : Salon , Maison
  • Portable : Non
Info Supplémentaire.
  • Trademark: Anybeauty
  • Packing: Aluminum Alloy Case / Carton / Wooden Case
  • Standard: Medical CE approval, ISO13485
  • Origin: Beijing, China
  • HS Code: 90189090
  • Production Capacity: 600 Sets/Month
Description de Produit

1. Enlèvement de cheveux

2. Déplacement de tache de rousseur et acné de traitement

3. Approbation médicale de la CE

4. Déplacement de ride

5. Déplacement de tache

6. Déplacement de tatouage

1. ND: YAG Q-Switch Laser: Remove all kinds of tattoo, embroider eyebrow,

embroider eye line, lip line, Nevus of Ota, fleck, age pigment, dermis spot.

2. E-light: speckle removal, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, facial vascular lesions removal, wrinkle removal, breast enlarging.

3. RF Wrinkle Removal: Wrinkles remove on the ocular region, neck, hands, face, legs, forehead and back etc; Improving the nasolabial groove; Tighten skin of the arms.
Special Features
1. A  good  combination  of  3 advanced  technologies: Q-switch nd: yag laser, E-light, Bi polar  RF. It is a multifunctional machine that can solve nearly all the skin problems.

2. Equipped with 3 treatment handles: Q-switch nd: yag laser handle, E-light handle, Bipolar RF handle.

3. Super-luxury LCD color touch screen and Automatic self-test system, ensures the machine' s easier operation and stable performance.

4. Minimum energy loss: ceramic silver-gilt lumen reflects diffuse light onto laser rod to produce stronger power.
5. Integration gun core design. Quake-proof, crash-proof, more stable.
Technical Parameter
RF Energy


IPL Energy
1-50J/cm 2

Type of Laser

Q-switched ND: YAG


Spot Size:

8× 40mm 2, 20× 20 mm 2 or 15× 60mm 2

Pulse Width
3.5 ns


0° C~-15° C


Laser energy



420-1200nm, 540-1200nm,

585-1200nm, 640-1200nm (optional)

Dual wavelength 1064nm and 532nm

Refrigeration system:

water + air + semiconductor

Facular Diameter
1~6mm adjustable

Electrical Requirement

110V/220VAC± 10%

50Hz 10A


Pulse Frequency
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Hz adjustable


: 71cm× 51cm× 105cm


Net Weight

Beijing Shijizhengfang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Beijing , China
Compte Enregistré en : 2009
Type de Commerce : Fabricant/usine, Compagnie de Commerce

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