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Connecteurs à montage sur panneau

Prix FOB de Référence:
US $ 17 / Pièce
Commande Minimum: 1Pièce
Conditions de Paiement: LC, T/T
Capacité de Production: 10000000PCS/Month
Emballage: 10PCS in Sealing Plastic Bag, 10 Bags in 1 CTN

Description de Produit

Info Supplémentaire.
  • Packing: 10PCS in Sealing Plastic Bag, 10 Bags in 1 CTN
  • Standard: ISO9001/1400
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 854790100
  • Production Capacity: 10000000PCS/Month
Description de Produit

Connecteur de fil, montage panneau, montage sur câble, vis de fixation de PCB, Jack, Jack Postes, Micro, subminiature D-SUB, rectangulaire, MIL-C-83513, bouchons, les récipients, électrique, militaire, industriel, câble, MD,1,6*2,54 mm, 1,27*2,54 mm
83513/19, MDM M-A01
83513/19 CP M-A01TC
83513/19 NN M-A01NP
83513/19 PT M-A01
83513/19 PW M-A02CN
83513/19 M-A02
83513/19 CP M-A02TC
83513/19 A02CW M-A02
83513/19 NN M-A02NP
83513/19 A02NW M-A02PN

Medical Equipment
Bar Code Scanners
Hand Held Test Equipment
Geophysical Equipment
Commercial Avionics
Navigation Systems
High-Strength, Light-Weight Aluminum Shells
These connectors use aircraft/space grade aluminum shells that are capable of withstanding the rigors of space, including ballistic launching into space and the environmental extremes of space.
Extremely Small Interconnect
Micro-D connectors are designed with contacts on .050" (1.27) centers and size 24 contacts, providing ultra-high density connectors in half the space typically needed for standard D-Subminiature connectors. These connectors are typically used where small space and lightweight are of primary concern.
Unique Twist Pin and Solid Tube Socket
Micro-D's use ITT Industries twist pins that are constructed by welding seven wires together to form a strong rounded tip. Then, slightly twist the wires to form a birdcage before crimping them into the body of the pin contact. Micro-D's differ from standard D-Subminiature connectors in that the pin contacts are protectively housed in the insulator and the solid tube socket contacts are visibly extended from the socket insulator. This unique design protects the twist pin from damage. The pin contact bird cage gets compressed, elongates and twists inside the smaller diameter of the solid tube socket providing excellent wiping action and extremely low contact bounce, even under high vibration.
Total Environmental-Sealing Silicone Interfacial Seals and Epoxy-Potted Contacts
The silicone interfacial seal prevents the entrance of environmental contaminants, humidity and moisture from entering the contact area when mated. The wire side of the connectors are potted with high quality epoxy that encapsulates the wire side of the connector and locks the contacts into the insulator, preventing any contact pullout.
Pre-wired Connectors for Fast, Easy Assembly
Micro-D connectors are available in three basic styles: solder, printed circuit and the popular pre-wired connector version. This version comes in a wide variety of lengths from short .500" (12.70) solid 25#AWG wires up to 72" (3048.0) Teflon-insulated, stranded 26 AWG wires that can be trimmed down to suit your application and prevents the tedious process of having to solder many fine wires onto the tightly spaced terminals.
Test Voltage600 Vac at sea level
150 Vac at 70,000 feet (23410 meters)
Current Rating2.5 Amps (test)
Contact Resistance8 milliohms maximum at 3 amps
10 milliohms maximum at 1 milliamps: MIL-STD-202 Method 307
Insulation Resistance5000 megohms minimum at 500 Vdc
1000 megohms minimum after condition; MIL-STD-1344 Method 1002
Magnetic Permeability2.0μ (connectors less hardware)
Thermal Vacuum Outgassingper NASA SP-R-0022 (space class only)
Printed circuit - Hysol MG8F-0134 (black)
Total Mass Loss1.0 percent maximum
Volatile Condensable Material (VCM) 0.1 percent maximum
Operating Temperature-55°C to +125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
Mating Life500 cycles minimum
Salt Spray48 hours MIL-STD-1344 Method 1001 Condition B
Chemical ResistanceCleaning solvents: Perchloroethylene US practical grade, 2 hours Lubricating oil aircraft turbine engine, synthetic base 20 hours Coolant (coolanol 25 or equivalent) 1 hour +/- 1 minute
Vibration20g's MIL-STD-1344 Method 2005 Condition IV
Shock50g's MIL-STD-1344 Method 2004 Condition C
Contact TypePre-wired, solder, printed circuit board (gold-plated)
Number of Circuits9 to 100
Contact Retention5 pounds minimum
PolarizationD-shaped shells