Chenzhou Chendian Science & Technoligies Co., Ltd.

Fabricant / fournisseur de Compteurs Électriques, Transformateur, Câble en Chine.

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3-Phase Watthour mètres d'alimentation électrique active (DTS1025-T/DSS1025-T)

Commande Minimum: 100 Pièces
Capacité de Production: 500, 000 pcs/year
Emballage: Carton packaging/Wooden crate
Standard: CQC Product Certification/ISO9001 Certification

Description de Produit

Info de Base
  • N° de Modèle: DTS1025-T/DSS1025-T
Info Supplémentaire.
  • Trademark: ZHONGYAN
  • Packing: Carton packaging/Wooden crate
  • Standard: CQC Product Certification/ISO9001 Certification
  • Origin: ChenZhou City, HuNan Province, China
  • HS Code: 85359000
  • Production Capacity: 500, 000 pcs/year
Description de Produit

Main Usages:
Used for timesharing active electric power metering of3-phase electricity users requiring long service life and no maintenance operation as enterprisers, shopping centers, residential areas and top-grade domiciles.

Main Functions:
1. Accurate metering of 3-phase active electric power. Its circuit design and components are selected for operating in bigger environmental difference, therefore long time stable operation of the complete machine is ensured.
2. Photoelectric impulse interface fixed at the stern facilitates error testing.
3. The Watt-hour Meter measures normally when one phase of the 3-phase 3-line network or 2 phases of the 3-phase 4-line network are cut of f.
4. Modularized designs with standard serial RS485 data-interfaces. Comply with DL-T645 Multi-functional Watt-hour Meter Communication Protocol.
5. Unlimited meter reading can be added to solve meter reading at high locations in pilferage-proof reconstruction or ratio metering.
6. Watt-hour Meters be designed and manufactured as the user's requirements for power metering in conditions of different voltage and current etc.

Main Characteristics:
1. High accuracy: Import special metering chip; High accuracy, sensitivity and reliability, wide overload endurance, low power consumption, small volume and light in weight; Easy installation, convenient auto-control and function expanding.
2. Long service life. With SMT technology and world famous, long-life components employed, its accuracy is not affected by frequency, temperature, voltage and higher order harmonics. Random installation location. No adjustment is needed if it leaves the factory ads complete machine. Checkout period can be extended, the workload of Watt-hour Meter testing and checking out of electric departments is considerably reduced. Obviously better reliability than its similar.
3. LCD display, clear and bright.
4. Easy function expanding. With modularized design and photo-electric insulated impulse output. Users can easily extend its collective function by switch-in 16 line impulse collection station to make good use of local CATV net, GSM net, broadband net, public telephone net and radio or electric carrier wave network.

 Phase de DSS1025-TThree trifilaire
 Phase de DTS1025-TThree à quatre fils
 Mètre actif triphasé de watt-heure d'énergie électrique
 Classe 2.0 de la classe 1.0
 Consommation d'énergie
 Tension de référence
 3*100   3*380
 3*57.7/100    3*220/380
 Courant de base (a)
 1.5 (6)    3 (6)   5 (20)   10 (40)   20 (80)
 Température de fonctionnement
 Minus 20 55 centigrades, demande de Special du minus 35 à 65 centigrades
 Se conformer à GB/T17215-1998 et à DL/T614-1997 Protocol
Chenzhou Chendian Science & Technoligies Co., Ltd.
Hunan , China
Compte Enregistré en : 2008
Type de Commerce : Fabricant/usine, Compagnie de Commerce

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