Tout en 1 lecteur de carte USB 2.0 (RH-208)

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Tout en 1 lecteur de carte USB 2.0 (RH-208)

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Adresse: Ambitious Building In Futian District 502, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Type d'Entreprise: Fabricant/Usine, Société Commerciale
Gamme de Produits: Produits Informatiques, Électricité & Électronique, Électroniques de Consommation
Présentation de l'Entreprise: Shenzhen-Shek Digital Electronics Factory (Professional MP3 factories, OEMMP3 manufacturers, production, agents, wholesale, OEM, OEM integrates for the domestic availability of low-cost foreign Railcard quality MP3) sales department is approved by the Shenzhen city government in Shenzhen Administration of Industry and Commerce registered in high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in the research and development of digital products, production and sales. At present, the company mainly produces digital MP3 player for the main project. Company owner occupies 1, 000 square meters of factory and more than 100 high-quality staff, equipped with sophisticated equipment and complete development of the manufacturing and testing equipment, the company placed particular emphasis on the quality of products, from raw materials procurement, the production, testing, sales and after-sales service in all sectors, in strict accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards. Comprehensive quality control and gained FCCCE certification. In recent years, companies with a strong development, production, processing capacity and good quality in the industry achieved a very high reputation. Company general manager responsible for implementing the system, under the Ministry of Development, Purchasing, Production, maintenance department, the sales department, the Ministry of Commerce, Department of Finance, logistics and after-sales service of the Ministry of important departments, to ensure that the entire company closely, efficient action. Business philosophy: The first service, customers come first, high quality, continuous improvement.
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Dernière Date de Connexion: Mar 25, 2008

Type d'Entreprise: Fabricant/Usine, Société Commerciale

Produits Principaux: Mp4, Hdd Enclosure, Pc Camera, Pci Card, Flash Disk

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