Shenzhen Mindahead Technology Co., Ltd.

Fabricant / fournisseur de Rfid en Chine.

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Description de Produit

Description de Produit

Walkpro handheld computer is our latest product, it's a smart, firm and mini mobile work-station, walkpro provides various choices for hardware add-ons, software and relevant upgrades, walkpro is one of your most helpful assistant.
Here are the specifications:

1. Color touch-screen display: 3.7 in full VGA 240*320 resolution
Transflective, portrait mode TFT, sunlight readable.
Keyboards, full keyboard input, including numbers, alphabets and function keys
Audio, 90 dB mono speaker.

2. Platform
4000MHz processor
L1GB flash ROM, 128MB RAM.

3. Operating system
Microsoft windows CE 5.

4. Module
Wireless communications
Barcode applications
RFID module (hf/UHF module)
External connectors (USB1.1)
GPS applications
GPRS applications

5. Power management
3.7v, 3000mah
Advanced smart battery with gauge
Built-in charger
Rechargeable, user replaceable backup battery pack.

6. Environmental
Withstands multiple drops from 6ft (1.8m) to concrete
Operating temperature: -4º F to 122º F (-208º C to +50º Cl
5%-95% rh non-condensing
Storage temperature: -40º F to 140º F (-40º C to +60º C).

7. Programming environment
HTML, xml
Net and c++ programming using microsoft visual studio 2005
Java programming supporting jdk 1.2.2 or hihger
Standard protecol apis windows sockets (CE. Net).

Shenzhen Mindahead Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangdong , China
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