Dongguan City Schroeder Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Fabricant / fournisseur de Machinerie de Soudure, Machine de Découpe, Machine de Découpe au Plasma en Chine.

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Machine de découpe du tuyau de CNC

Commande Minimum: 1 Jeu
Conditions de Paiement: LC, T/T
Capacité de Production: 30sets /Month
Emballage: Wood Box

Description de Produit

Info de Base
  • N° de Modèle: FSP
Info Supplémentaire.
  • Trademark: SCHROEDER
  • Packing: Wood Box
  • Standard: SGS
  • Origin: Dongguan, China
  • Production Capacity: 30sets /Month
Description de Produit

CNC Gas/Plasma Cutting Machine
CNC Bevel Cutting Machine
CNC Pipe Cutting Machine
CNC Plate with Pipe Cutting Machine
CNC Drilling Machine (Hydraulic)
CNC Drilling Machine (High Speed)
CNC Drilling Machine For H-Beam
CNC Drum Drilling Machine
CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine
FSP Model Summary
Popular with steel construction, shipbuilding, and chemical works industries,
Our pipe cutting machine can be fitted with Plasma or Oxyfuel cutting options, depending on the work required
The optional auto-beveling function allows users to cut thicker pipe walls without worrying about the difference in the angle of the cut face, and will allow joints to be welded together easily
Can combine our pipe cutting and plate cutting machines into one, to provide our clients with an efficient multi-function machine
Popular with our clients in the steel construction industry, this machine combines two machines into one controller, allowing one technician to have control over two types of work, depending on what is needed for the project at hand