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Fabricant / fournisseur de Machine de Découpe au Laser, Machine de Gravure au Laser, Machine à Laser en Chine.

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Série machine de marquage au laser à fibre optique (FOL-5)

N° de Modèle: FOL-5

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  • N° de Modèle: FOL-5
Description de Produit

Eastern develop and produce complete air cooling Fiber Optical Laser marking system in China. It is environmental friendly, low consumption, fully automatically and leading laser system. This creative laser system make the optical conversion rate up to 38%-50%, so only air cooling can meet the system requirements, this laser system is Small and compact size, Fiber output, can apply flexibly, and easy to make 3D processing system. Install backward reflecting isolator, which uses the particularity of wavelength and direction of laser, and the special structure inside the backward reflecting isolator, to block the laser reflected by work piece, in order to avoid the laser enter the laser oscillator again to damage the laser oscillator.
Lens: F160 (Standard) F254 (Optional)
Marking area: 110mmx110mm 160mmx160mm
Power consumption: 500W 500W
Marking speed: <7000mm/s <7000mm/s
Min. Character size: 0.3mm 0.5mm
Min. Linear width: 50um 90um
Output power: 5W
Power stability (8h): <1%RMS
Beam quality: <2
Pulse repetition frequency: <100KHz
Marking graph: User-defined character, CAD data
Cooling mode: Air cooling
Environmental temperature: 15C~30C
Supply voltage: 220V/ 50Hz / 4A
Overall consumption: <1.5kW
Humidity: 45%~75%
The fiber optic laser marker has advantage of high beam quality and high reliability. It is suitable for processing fields that need high marking depth, smoothness and accuracy. It is widely used in: Electronic components industry, medical device industry, glasses watch and clock industry, IC card industry, plastic tool industry, kitchen and bathroom appliance etc

Dongguan Eastern Technology Company
Guangdong , China
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