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Machine de soudure colorée de fenêtre de PVC (SHZ2HA-260 X 4000)

N° de Modèle: SHZ2HA-260 X 4000

Description de Produit

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  • N° de Modèle: SHZ2HA-260 X 4000
Description de Produit

Two Head Welding Machine(For Colored PVC) SHZ2HA-260× 4000
Used for general profile and colored profile corner welding, and the micro-seam cleaning of colored profile
1. Two types welding(2mm-seam general welding and 0.2mm-seam colored profile seamless welding)is available and can be transferred by adjustment.
2. Short time for profile heating and welding, increase the efficiency
3. The max. Welding height reach to 240mm, and two pieces profiles welding (less than 120mm) at one time is available by change the double layer profile fixture
4. All motion pair adopted linear bearing guide system, increased processing precision
5. Adjustable positioning distance, heating distance and feeding distance, ensured the optimal welding quality.
6. Special profile fixture is easy to change, for high corner strength and later good cleaning effect
7. Compact machine structure, convenient for adjusting, operating and repairing
Operation Air Pressure: 0.5~0.7 MPa
Air Consumption: 40 L/min
Power Supply: 220V ~ 60Hz
Input Power: 2.5 kW
Internal Diameter of Air Tube: 10 mm
Temperature: 10~40 º C
Air Relative Humidity: 20~90 [%]
Overall Dimension: 4500× 1100× 1740 mm
Machine Weight: 1000 kg
Frame welding size(see above drawing):
Min. Frame:
Mini. Welding length A: 300mm
Mini. Welding width B: 410mm
Max. Frame:
Max. Welding length A: 3300mm
Max. Welding width B: 4000mm
Max. Welding height C: 240mm
Max welding width D: 80mm

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