China Metal & Plastic Parts Sourcing Ltd.

Fabricant / fournisseur de Estampillage, Moulage sous Pression, Usinage en Chine.

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Usinage des métaux

Description de Produit

Description de Produit

Our services
Mp sourcing would like to act as your purchase project manager in china, dedicate to maximize your competitiveness by sourcing low cost, reliable and high quality manufacturing services in china, and assist you to control the whole business process.

1. Metal & plastic parts sourcing:
We have build a large database for chinese metal & plastics parts manufacturers with different capabilities, we can get the most suitable vendor to match your requirements, so that you can overcome all the obstacles such as language, culture-difference, area-difference and get the part that can meet, even exceed your quality standards with lowest cost.

2. Supplier evaluation:
We will visit the supplier´s facilities representing you, to take pictures,
Check their capabilities and report to you, you will no need to pay tired and expensive trips to china for approving the suppliers.

3. Negotiation and communication:
We will assist you to negotiate the best prices with the suppliers and communicate with them to make sure your requirements can be understand absolutely by the vendors

4. Project management:
We will monitor the production process and report the update for you along with pictures. Make sure that parts can be delivered in time.

5. Shipping arrangement:
We will arrange shipping the parts to you and make sure you can get the parts in time.

China Metal & Plastic Parts Sourcing Ltd.
Guangdong , China
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