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Fabricant / fournisseur de Équipements Abattoir, Équipement d'Abattage, Système de Réfrigération en Chine.

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Équipement d'abattoirs de bétail avec certificat ISO9001

Prix FOB de Référence:
1 000,00- 500 000,00 $ US  / Pièce
Conditions de Paiement: LC, T/T
Capacité de Production: 500PCS/Year
Emballage: Wooden Case

Description de Produit

Info de Base
  • N° de Modèle: NX-200
  • Demande : Bétail
  • Tension : 380V
  • Automation : Semi-automatique
  • État : Nouveau
Info Supplémentaire.
  • Trademark: N/M
  • Packing: Wooden Case
  • Standard: N/M
  • Origin: Shandong, China
  • HS Code: 84385000
  • Production Capacity: 500PCS/Year
Description de Produit

What's the details of our product?





















Hot galvanized
stainless steel

Product photos:

What is the characters of our product?
Easy operation
Simple structure
Good quality
Low price
High hygiene standard

Cattle slaughter line (As per Islamic method)
I. Rotary halal/Kosher knocking box:
Double rotary type killing box(As per Islamic method)
Pneumatic/ hydrolic controlled doors
Motorized rotation
Hot dip galvanized structure
Customized box sizes as per requirements
Stainless steel(ss 304)
Speed 100 heads per hour

II.Landing grate:
Stainless steel 304 grade landing grate for smooth animal landing after slaughter
Hot dip ga;vanized landing grate for smooth animal landing after slaughter
III.Lifting hoist:
Lifting hoist is a quick mechanized system to lift and guide the slaughtered animal to an automatic continuous bleeding conveyor
Heavy duty motorized lifting and descending system
Pneumatic pressing system
Sequence system is used for disciplined sequence of animal slaughter to the bleeding line.
IV. Bleeding line:
Hot dip galvanized structure where the entire bleeding of the animal takes place.
Motorized line 100*12 flat rail.
Electric stimulator is used to allow complete bleeding of the animal on the bleeding line.

V. Leg changing system:
It has quick pneumatic interchange system from bleeding line to dressing line for further animal processing
This machine greatly reduces the human labor and improves productivity reaching it's maximum speed at 100 animals per hour
It is one of our indispensable systems of slaughter house machinery
VI. Dressing line:
Hot dip galvanized structure
Pneumatic leg changing system(From bleeding line to dressing line)
Motorized conveyor 75*12 flat rail
Sensor controlled carcass movement
Fixed platforms for hind(upper back)part preparation
Fixed / mobile platforms for fore (front) part preparation
VII. Head conveyor:
Head conveyor system is used for hanging tongue,lungs and head,a set of offal is hanged at a time and moves along with its carcass to facilitate the inspection of all items at a single time along with head loading and unloading platform.It has following features:
Hot dip galvanized frame work with custom designed chain
Stainless steel hooks with integral hook sterilization system
5hp gear motor
VIII.Hide puller:
Hide puller is bulit for both strength and speed.This machine has a capacity of up to 80-100 heads per hour.The hide is pulled off clearly and efficiently from the carcass without any damage.Uniform hide is preferred by tanners and hide processors
Our unique design product comes complete with hydraulic motor,cylinder,valves,pull chain,S.S revolving roller galvanized framework,hide chute and two S.S platforms for butchers to perfrom trimming with special knives so that there is no chance for either carcass or hide to get damaged during the process delivering high quality.We have a new addition to our product list,the electro pneumatic hide puller made for capacity up to 40-50 heads per hour
The stainless steel rotary drum is attached with two stainless steel puller chains
The entire assembly goes down by a hydraulic / pneumatic cylinder of 125mm bore and 2000mm strokes
The drum motion is controlled by low voltage electric controls.
The hyaraulic system is powered by 50hp hydraulic power pack

IX. Viscera chute & conveyor
Evisceration machinery are of two types pneumatic viscera chute and viscera conveyor for the removel of white offal from the animal carcass for further processing.
Custom designed fixed platform is available for pneumatic viscera chute and viscera conveyor
Pneumatic controlled sequence system of viscera inspection
X. Carcass splitting platform
Carcass splitting platfrom is specially designed to split the carcass in two equal halves perfectly with its vertical angular movement for the carcass in a continuous line.
Aluminium checked plate stainless steel platform with stainless steel railing
Two hydraulic/single pneumatic cylinders foot valve operated
The hydraulic system is powered by 5hp hydraulic power pack

XI. Inspection platform
There are 3 different kinds of dotor inspection platform
Carcass inspection platform
viscera inspection platform
Head inspection platform
All platforms are synchronized to facilitate the inspection of all items of single animal simultaneously.
Pneumatic platform for complete inspection of the carcass
Fixed doctors inspection platform for viscera
Fixed doctors inspection platform for head and offal
Trimming and washing platform
At trimming and washing platform the carcass is first trimmed then washed thoroughly.Our two step design enables the butchers to perform the trimming and washing of the animals entirely.
We also provide automatic carcass washing station

XII.Quartering station
At the quartering station the half carcass is further split into two more pieces hence the term quartering.From this point the carcass moved to the chillers and for further processing at the deboning area.
XIII.De-boning hall &chiller
The chiller and de-boning line structure is hot dip galvanized available in two types.
Motorized de-boning line
Motorized chiller line
Manual chiller and de-boning conveyor
The chiller room temperature is maintained at +2ºC to +4ºC
The temperature maintained at deboning area is +14ºC to 16ºC.
Packaging & Shipping,Trade terms:
What is the details of shipping?
1.After our customer place an order,we will arrange factory to produce.
2.After we begin the process,the customer can come to factory for inspection cargo.
3.Delivery :by sea or by air both ok,FOB price.
4.What is FOB term? Answer:cost /delivery fee in domestic/port charges.
5.Delivery time:by air usually 4-7days,by sea it depends on how far away the detination it is.
6.Shipping insurance:The supplier pay it.
7.Package material:according to practical needs we can choose bulk /bundle/plywood case.
What payment terms we accept?
1.T/T 30% deposit,the 70% banlance before shipment.
2.Minium order:1 pc.
3.Warrenty:1 year after installation.

What's the minium order?
What Payment item we accept?
Onestop always produce all equipment from spare parts to complete machine in one factory, so that we can control quality of all facilities and reduce cost of complete machine, then we can supply high quality equipment with better price than other competitors
Payment item we can accept.L/C,TT,etc.
How long the Delivery time?
15-30days after order (According to the customer order,we will arrange it for customer)
How long warrenty time?
1 year maintaining time, we will arrange the technical workers to do it.
What certificate we owned?

Company infromation:
What's the story about Onestop?
Onestop,an enterprise with turnkey projects has more than 20 years contracting experience ,
is the unique professional enterprise that can undertake pig,cow,sheep poultry slaughtering project in china.
What's the Company structure?
The company can produce slaughtering equipments,waste water treatment,refrigeration equipment,
heat insulator,stainless steel products and stainless steel construction byself,with four factories specializing
in machinery and one specializing in stainless steel construction .
What's the Core advantages about Onestop?
Our company provides onestop service including: professional consultation/ design / construction/production/installation training/ matinence etc.It can avoid errors during the program construction and it is time saving ,money saving ,labor saving
What's the Achievements we have?
The butchery we undertake covers about 50 nationes all around the world ,including Russia, Mongolia, Japan,
Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Iran, The United Arab Emirates, the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Latvia, Austra lia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria Angola ect . And some agencies are established in South Africa, Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia, Japan and other regions.Therefore ,we can provide the convenient services for you!
Why choose us?
1.We are 2years gold supplier assessed by Alibaba.
2.We have factories that can do slaughtering equipment,wastewater treatment system,refrigeration system and stainless steel products.So we can give turnkey project service for customer.
3.Certified by ISO9001.
4.100% QC inspection before shippment.
5.Competitive price.
What's the detail works we can do for you?
The livestock abattoir (slaughter)layout designing and proposal drafting.
The livestock abattoir (slaughter)facilities producing.
The livestock abattoir (slaughter)facilities international shipment.
The livestock abattoir (slaughter)facilities installation and debugging.
The livestock abattoir (slaughter)equipment operator training.
The livestock abattoir (slaughter)facilities periodic inspection.
Remark:We can produce different abattoir(slaughter) facilities base on customers' layout or requirement.
Please make inquiry about it!!!

Trust US,we will give you our best service!!!

Cattle/Pig/Sheep/Poultry slaughtering line

Shanghai One-Stop Engineering Co., Ltd .
Shandong , China
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