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Double carte SIM (AMI-G-11)

Conditions de Paiement: T/T
N° de Modèle: MAI-G-11
Origine: China

Description de Produit

Info de Base
  • N° de Modèle: MAI-G-11
Info Supplémentaire.
  • Origin: China
Description de Produit

1. To take out attached transparent stickers and tear off one piece of it.
2. Put transparent stickers on the back of SIM Card as diagram 1.
3. Cut the SIM card following the dot line with scissor as diagram 2.
4. For more convenience, you can use the special pincer made by our company to cut it as diagram 3 & diagram 4.
5. To cut the other SIM card by the same way.
6. The well-cut SIM card is as diagram 5.
7. Take out the stainless steel plate from General Dual Card and then install the two well-cut SIM Card into the General Dual SIM card holder.
8. Insert the General Dual SIM card into the mobile phone& ready to enjoy a free life with two SIM cards in one mobile phone.
1. Enter your phone menu and choose Dual SIM. It shows:
2. If you want the card online separately, directly selecting 'SIM-1' or 'SIM-2'. (a '*' will be showed before the selected card).
3. Select Auto/SW ('*' before it), the phone will enter the dual-number waiting state and the cards will be switched automatically.
4. If you want more function, please select 'Setup' menu. The submenu will show as below:
SIM1 No.
SIM2 No.
SW time: 03
5. Select and enter 'SIM1 No. ' or 'SIM2 No. ', you could edit SIM1 or SIM2 with the maximum input numbers up to 12. After this, the present number will be displayed on the screen.
6. Enter 'SW time: 03', you could set the auto-switching time. The default setting is 3 minutes. The auto-switching time is from 0 to 99 minutes.
7. 'Chinese' ('English') is switching menu for the two languages.
Accessory and Packing Detail:
Friendly Notice:
1. If you only want to assemble one card, please assemble it in SIM1 position (There is symbol on the PCB. ).
2. If you want to recover the SIM card, just insert the card into the labeled recovering card and stick it tightly as diagram 9.
3. For some types of phones with transverse inserting and hidden card, there are eight protruding labeled stainless steel flakes to avoiding the pulling difficulty. Such types as we know include: MOTO V70; NOKIA 8250, 8210, 3230, 2100, 6260, 6650, 8800; HAIR 3000C, etc. For normal phones, you are kindly suggested to use the labeled stainless steel flake with 12 protruding parts on each side. This kind of flake could make the products touch much more tightly and make the processing steadier. It is just one of our patent items.
Diagram 1: Stick the nondrying glue
Please ensure the correct direction.
Diagram2: Cut Card
Please follow the dot line
Diagram3: Put the whole SIM Card into pincer.
Diagram4: Fetch well-cut SIM card
Diagram5: Well-cut SIM card
Diagram6: 7: 8

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