Ebo Certification Center (Wuhan Branch)

Fabricant / fournisseur de Certification de la FCC, Certification de ROHS en Chine.

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certificat CE mécanique

Capacité de Production: 1, 000 PCS/Year

Description de Produit

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  • Production Capacity: 1, 000 PCS/Year
Description de Produit

Mechanical CE certificate, Mechanical CE certificate, CE certificate service.
Certification application:
Certification needs of customers, to provide basic information, BEL product function, structure, assessment of test items, with the completion of the client and the BEL "RFQ", which will serve as the basis for further certification
Price, the signing of the contract
BEL testing in accordance with the corresponding products will provide you with reasonable and transparent pricing, the client and the BEL reached consensus on the certification, the two sides signed the contract certification.
Provide information, samples
Customer requirements in accordance with the engineers to provide product information, such as product manuals, exploded diagram, circuit schematic, parts list, bill of materials, etc., according to the number of test items provide samples of products with the same ship.
Product testing
BEL received samples of the product to make a preliminary analysis, based on advanced detection and rich experience of product certification, in accordance with testing standards, and strictly carry out the test.
Measures, improvement
In the detection process, discovered by product design, component selection, manufacturing issues such as product defects caused by the light of the actual product design information and response to reform, the reform program is part of a one-stop testing services, professionals and senior years counseling experience in a variety of product certification, equipment, strong support, coupled with technology and the certification body interaction, discussions of technical communication at any time. To ensure that customers find the best solutions to customers the full product, give full consideration to the cost of product manufacturing.
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Certification Marks for China, U. S. A., Canada, Europe and Asia

Ebo Certification Center (Wuhan Branch)
Hubei , China
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