Jiangsu, China
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Certificat ISO9001:2008, Certificat ISO14001:2004
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Fabricant / fournisseur de Fil Machine à Électro-érosion, Machine CNC de Découpage de Fil, Machine de Forage d'Électro-érosion en Chine, en offrant EDM Die Sinking Machine (EDM450CNC), Servo Control Wire Cut EDM [BM400], CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732) de bonne qualité et etc.

Gold Member Depuis 2008
Audited Supplier
 CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
 CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
 CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
 CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
 CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
 CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
  •  CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
  •  CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
  •  CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
  •  CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
  •  CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)
  •  CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)

CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)

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1 Pièce US $1.0 - 50000.0  / Pièce
Conditions de Paiement: LC, T/T
Port: Shanghai, China
Capacité de Production: 1000 sets/year

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N° de Modèle.
processus d'utilisation
Machine Outils CNC de Coupage Métal
Méthode de Mouvement
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Méthode de contrôle
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Numerical Control
Classification de la performance
Machine-Outil à Commande Numérique Économique

Info Supplémentaire

Marque Déposée
4 Plywood Case/Unit
CE; ISO9001; ISO14001
Code SH
Capacité de Production
1000 sets/year

Description de Produit

Wire EDM Cutting Machine [ DK7732 ]

1. The casting for the main machine bed, using high rigid HT250, which made by a famous Japanese manufacturer. Integrated structure design, all casting parts are made with the procedure of resin-send and twice heat treatment to improve the max load weight and keep a good precision for long time and avoid the distortion.
2. Cantilever is symmetrical frame, which tension the electrode Molybdenum wire suitably to reduce the rate of wire-broken.
3. The controller equipped the BMXP Intelligent software, which integrates the program and control and based on Windows XP. This new designed BMXP software is the unique software for WEDM running on the condition of windows XP.

4. Using the PCI slot controller card and the High-tech Industrial computer, which greatly enhanced the stability of control and greatly reduced the computer the failure rate
5. To achieve a fast and convenient computer communication network, through network technology, graphics, data and program transmission, can be directly controlled by the technical design department since the first establishment of a program
6. Embedded Control system can be connected with many design software smoothly.

7. The search function of mechanical origin enable the transmission screw pitch compensation, in order to greatly improve the positioning accuracy, especially in Servo control system.
8. The control parameters of pulse power is directly by the software, in order to not only improve anti-jamming capability in pulse power output, but also increase the roughness of work piece.
9. Variety of pulse power can be chosen, which is suited for a number of processing conditions to improve the cutting ability of the high precision parts.

10. with a large database storage capacity, which accumulated from many experiences. User can choose the suitable parameter according to deferent working conditions. Users can adjust machining parameters to establish a database at any time according to their own experience
11. Three layer filters can prolong the using life of the working solution and improve the finishing, with BAOMA series working solution can achieve a better performance and PRO-environment.
12. Can be equipped with the close-loop control system, use the MITSUBISHI, YASKAWA servo control system and servo motors.

13. The wire moving is controlled by EMERSON transducer, which adopts unlimited adjustment.
14. The processing components involve godet mechanism, the best roughness Ra≤ 1.5μ M (the finishing can be improved greatly by using the BM working solution)
15. Customrized extra-big machine can be manufactured in our company.
Main performance indexes and technical requirements.

1, BMXP software Functions:
(1)Coordinate system: Absolute coordinate, incremental coordinate (relative coordinate)
(2)Functions of coordinate transforming, zooming in and zooming out, rotating and tracking display in real time
(3)Functions of interpolation of straight line and circular arc
(4)Function of taper processing
(5)Function of processing different top and bottom abnormities parts
(6)Auto-handle for short circuit and wire-break
(7)Functions of memorizing when power was cut and auto-stop after processing
(8)Functions of auto edge-touching position and auto center finding
(9)Function of auto-adding transitional arc (Arbitrary angle)
(10)Function o Functions of menu technology and auto-programming ward
(11)Functions of menu technology and auto-programming
(12)AUTOCAD can be used to program directly in the software.

2. CNC system configuration and technical performances
(1)CNC Hardware configuration:
(A)Industrial Computer: P4 or above
(B)EMS memory: 1G
(C)Fixed DisK: 160G
(D)USD and Internet
(E)15" liquid crystal display (LCD)
(F)RS232 and Keyboard and mouse
(1)CNC technical function:
4. Axis processing
(2)Running environment
(A)Temperature: 5-40 degree
Relative humidity: 40%~80%
CNC Wire Cut EDM [DK7732]UnitDK7732CDK7732DDK7732EDK7732F
Worktable size (L× W)mm635× 415635× 415635× 415635× 415
Table travel(X× Y)mm320× 400320× 400320× 400320× 400
Max. workpiece thicknessmm300500300500
Max. taper angle/plate thicknessdegree/mm± 3° /100± 3° /100± 30° /100± 30° /100
Max. machining speedmm² /min120120120120
PrecisionOctagonmm≤ 0.015≤ 0.015≤ 0.015≤ 0.015
tapermm≤ 0.04≤ 0.04≤ 0.1≤ 0.1
Max. working currentA6666
Roughness, three cuttingμ m≤ 1.5≤ 1.5≤ 1.5≤ 1.5
Wire diametermm0.15~0.20.15~0.20.15~0.20.15~0.2
Wire travelling speedm/min5~115~115~115~11
Load of tableKg400400400400
Working solution
working solution BM-2/BM-4 or Saponification Liquid
Working reservoir capacityL56565656
Power supply
Power consumptionKVA3333
Wire guide frame
Machine dimensions(L× W× H)mm1450× 1000× 15501450× 1000× 17501450× 1000× 15501450× 1000× 1750
Package dimensions(L× W× H)mm1800× 1400× 18001800× 1400× 21001800× 1400× 18001800× 1400× 2200
Machine weightKg1700170017001700
Controller type
CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)CNC Wire Cut EDM (DK7732)

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