Shenzhen MengWei Technology Co., Ltd.

Fabricant / fournisseur de Lumière Led, Spot à LED, Lampe au Xénon en Chine.

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50/38W de puissance double lampe HID

Capacité de Production: 100000set/Month
Emballage: Aluminum Box
Origine: Guangdong Shenzhen

Description de Produit

Info de Base
  • Type d'ampoule : HID
  • Source De Courant : Pile Rechargeable
Info Supplémentaire.
  • Packing: Aluminum Box
  • Origin: Guangdong Shenzhen
  • Production Capacity: 100000set/Month
Description de Produit

HID(High intensity discharge), is a product with high technology, which pressed the xenon to the quartz trbe, and increase 12V power to 23000V instantly through the exact amperite, firing up xenon ionizing into afree state, a super arc light will be created between the anode and cathode. This light is not only more bright, but also more wide. We call it gas discharge. Because the super white arc light is nearly same with sun in the day.

The light brightness of HID flashlight is the 3 times the car light, the lenth can reach 1500meters.
Model: 38/50W dual power
Output power: 38W/50W dual power
Working time: 100minutes/38W, 70 minutes/50W(6600mAH battery)
Battery: 11.1V6600 mAH

Thedia of light head: 84.5mm
Thedia of body: 46mm
Lenth: 380mm
Weight: 1300g(with 6600mAH battery)
Color: Black, Silver
Light distance: 1500 meters
Brightness: 4500LM

Product safety function:
A. Circuit opening protection function; Starting up light, when output oocur abnormal state of circuit opening, it can stop working in 1 second and get into protection state.
B. Short circuit protection function; Starting up light, when output oocur abnormal state of short circuit, it can stop working in 1 second and get into prctecting state.
C. Battery recharegd protection; It is totally automatic protection in which charge/discharge be reached appointed voltage.
D. Battery short ciralit protection; When battery short circuit between anode and cathode. Battery protection board will cut immediately and get into prctecting state.

Uing instruction:
A. Press the switch button one time and light on, press second time adjust the torch to the low brightness. Press the third time light off.
B. 24Wpress the on/off key one time, the flash oigh is working, press again. The flash light is closed.
C. Adjust light shadow: Swivel the torch head can adjust the focus to best condition.
D. Charge: Swivel off the torch end and take out the battery covering with protection shell, appearing DC changer, and plug the charger(red light shows under charging, Green light shows charging full. )When full charged, the green light on. The chargetime is approximate 6 hours.

A. Don´t use torch to direct shoot eyes and avoid wacthing ill uminant directly, in case it will hurt your eyes.
B. Please pre-charge battery fullbeforeusing, please fitthe protec tjve cover on the battery during charging. And keep faraway inflammable. Explosible objector gas.
C. When you put the torch into traveling bage and similar bags. Avoid touching the switch unconciously resulting turning on the light and lead to the unnecessary hurt.
D. The bulb can be approached the most bright point after turn on about 30 seconds, which is the HID feature; If You want to adjust the focus, it is better to do it after starting up 30seconds, the effect will be obvious.
E. When charge battery car-chareger, you must start up the engine that can charge full Completely.
F. When charge in high temperature place or long time continually discharge. The torch surface will be rise a little Of temper ature which is normal. When torch work along time. Don´t touch the glass lens to avoid scald.

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