Wuxi Yuanchang Machinery Manufactury Co., Ltd.

Fabricant / fournisseur de Extrudeuse, Presse à Extrusion, Presse Hydraulique en Chine.

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Presse 1250 de cuivre (XJ-1250S)

N° de Modèle: XJ-1250S

Description de Produit

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  • N° de Modèle: XJ-1250S
Description de Produit

Wuxi Yuanchang Machinery Manufactury Co., Ltd was founded in 1995 which is specially engaged in manulacturmg various non-ferrous metals pressure equipment. At present, it has produced series products with more than 30 specification in 3 major species from 300 tons to 2500 tons, which applied for aluminum, cooper, or magnesium processing industries and our products are used by a great many ferrous enterprise as well as scientific research institutes, colleges, universities and foreign clients. Now the products are distributed throughout the country and are exported abroad, such as Russia, Lebanon, Syria, India, America, etc. The company is the domestic professional apotheosis and business pioneer of the extruder manufacturing line.

Pression de système d'utilisation
Force d'extrusion
Cylindre principal : 1163T
Cylindre latéral : 106T
Force arrière de cylindre
Conteneur verrouillant la force
Force Piercing
Vitesse d'extrusion
Vitesse anticipée d'extrusion
Vitesse arrière d'extrusion
260 mm/s
Vitesse étroite de conteneur
Vitesse ouverte de conteneur
Vitesse Piercing
Taille de conteneur
Diamètre interne : Φ155mm
longueur : 650mm
Taille de billette
diamètre : Φ150mm
longueur : 250~550mm
Wuxi Yuanchang Machinery Manufactury Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu , China
Compte Enregistré en : 2009
Type de Commerce : Fabricant/usine, Compagnie de Commerce

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