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tuyau en PVC Half-Automatic Belling Machine

Emballage: seaworthy wooden cases
Code SH: 84772090
Origine: China

Description de Produit

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  • Packing: seaworthy wooden cases
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 84772090
Description de Produit

Fully-automatic PVC pipe belling machneit is not only can work with the main machine, but also solely at the same time; Horizontally moves pipes, stable and accurate actions, and not easy to hurt pipes; This machine adopts infrared ray heating way and it is a double-heating furnace, and each heating furnace is collocated with central heating furnace core; Adopts expansion tube head shaping way, with accurate dimension of nozzle; It has conversion switches of expansion solvent plug (O RING ) and expansion flexibility sealing washer type plug (R RING) in control panel, so it is very convenient to choose the way of tube expansion, with strong craft adaptability; Main electric control components adopt imported ones, with stable and reliable system performance

Qingdao Royal Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shandong , China
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