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Description de Produit

Nous produisons le handbang divers pour le cadeau et d'autres produits, nous pouvons produire suit et a notre propre conception, la plupart de nos conceptions avons tellement beaucoup le modèle chinois.
Adresse: 4th Changyi Rd, North-City District, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Type d'Entreprise: Fabricant/Usine
Gamme de Produits: Arts & Métiers, Industrie Légère & Articles d'Usage Courant, Sacs, Valises & Boîtes
Présentation de l'Entreprise: My company Located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China. Now we main produce & export the manufacture of two typy. One is paper products and printing service. Such as greeting card, handbags, wrapping paper and some other paper products. And the other one is printing plate, include positive printing plate, negative printing plate and CTP printing plate.

We have our own design of our paper products and also made follow your orders. Most of our designs have so many Chinese Style, for example, we put the much of Chinese culture such as paper-cut, Chinese farmer paint and Chinese folklore and folktale ect. Into our products. They are very beautiful and be enjoyed by different friends who with different nationality.
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Dernière Date de Connexion: Aug 29, 2007

Type d'Entreprise: Fabricant/Usine

Produits Principaux: Greeting Card, Wrapping Paper, Handbags, Package Box

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